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Meet Joe Stephan

Everyday, you make decisions for the future of your family, your business and the legacy you’re creating. But often, your personal finance is an afterthought. At Stephan Independent Advisory, we believe that your family success is just as important as your business success, which is why you need a long term wealth strategy.

When you run a family business or foundation, you’re always thinking about the future.

When our father was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 1999, we were only given a few short months to come to terms with our family’s future. We scrambled around, trying to do the best we could to put business transition strategies in place. We weren’t prepared for the challenges that came with transitioning his wealth and knowledge, and it made us aware how important a strong wealth transition plan is.

It was in this moment, as we were dealing with our grief and wanting to keep our father’s legacy alive, that we realised we could use our experience to help other business families manage theirs more effectively. 

As family business owners, it’s about more than just money. It’s about legacy, future generations and protecting your family name. That’s why, if you’re a family business owner, you need a long term wealth strategy. 

Take our story for example…

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