As a truly independent advisory group we understand that every business and situation is different.

You need wealth management advice that goes beyond just investment consultation and aligns your long-term financial goals with your life aspirations.

We bring your entire family along the journey with us, utilising multi-generational meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page, and you avoid unwarranted conflict or bottlenecks that may halt your plans.

We make sure all the strategic financial considerations necessary to see your family and business prosper are taken into account, so we can create a wealth management strategy that’s right for you.

we help you:

Take the uncertainty out of your wealth management

Devise a long-term Wealth Management Strategy that sees your personal and business finances taken care of and continues to meet the evolving needs of your business and your family

See your family business and legacy successfully preserved for the next generation

After all, the future of your wealth is your call; we’re just helping you make the right one.

Specialised financial advice

We’re one of only a select group of Financial Planning practices that are truly independent. We’re privately owned and operated, and don’t receive commissions or incentives of any kind. Our complete independence means we remain objective and create financial plans that are right for you, with our only motive being to see you succeed.

We work with a hand-picked network of financial professionals—think of them as your business’ brains trust—each of whom provides their own independent, objective advice for your family’s needs and goals, so you get the right information from the right source.

When you’re looking to preserve and protect your wealth for you and your family, you want advice that’s free from any bias and isn’t designed to see anyone else profit off your situation.


Whether you have significant financial resources and question the meaning of success, or you’re wondering whether being that little bit wealthier will make you happier, this is the podcast for you. The It’s Never About Money site is also a hub for money related blogs and education.

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Joe & James’ professional practice is to be admired. They are always there for his clients when needed. They freely pass on their expert knowledge without hard product selling techniques.


Mr John and Dr Kim Watty

Clear, timely and direct responses in all areas of communications are outstanding. Meetings are planned and run efficiently to deliver on all our expectations. The firm’s values align to our own so that trust is readily established.

Self funded retirees