As a family business owner or self-funded retiree, transitioning your wealth to the next generation is a delicate matter.

Because while you can set your family up to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you want to ensure that they utilise this wealth effectively, in a sustainable way.

To achieve this, one of the most valuable things we can do is provide thorough financial education for you and your family.

Ensuring robust financial literacy, for every generation, promotes successful outcomes in transferring wealth. Putting the correct knowledge, understanding, and education in place ensures everyone involved with your wealth management plan has the financial literacy to understand the decisions made, and why.

Then, when it comes time to begin the wealth transition process, every member of your family will understand the process and necessity, ensuring transition is much smoother, and that the wealth you’ve accumulated remains in your family long into the future.

Ensuring your communication remains open

The key is ensuring clear, honest lines of communication between you and your family, and ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to your finances.

Talking about your wealth in a frank and open way, and involving your family in your financial decisions, means that everyone comes along the journey. They understand why decisions are made and feel included in the decision-making itself.

Providing financial education for all generations

We work with family business owners and self-funded retirees to begin and maintain constructive conversations around your financial wishes. Together, we can create a tailored education package and workshops to ensure your family have the correct level of financial literacy and, if need be, are able to make financial decisions on your behalf.

Our financial education packages and workshops ensure your family have the financial knowledge they need to truly understand your wealth management plan.

Basic Financial Literacy Workshops for Adolescents, tailored to their needs

Intergenerational Progress Meetings involving you and your children

Intergenerational Philanthropic Meetings involving you and your children

Investment Planning Educational Presentations

We provide the following financial education services:


Whether you have significant financial resources and question the meaning of success, or you’re wondering whether being that little bit wealthier will make you happier, this is the podcast for you. The It’s Never About Money site is also a hub for money related blogs and education.

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