We view sustainable investing as taking into consideration positive environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices, whilst ensuring your investments maintain significant diversification so that they also achieve financial sustainability.

This method means you’re able to align your investments with your values, while still working towards your future financial stability.




Here’s how our methodology works

We work with you to develop an investment plan that emphasises diversification and is broadly market aware, while minimising turnover and trading costs. This sets you up for a strong, sustainable investment future, maximising your core wealth objectives and your financial sustainability.

How it works

First and foremost, our approach is to ensure financial stability for your investments. We oversee and advise upon a closely-monitored framework that allows you to achieve your objectives while allowing you to work within your own sustainability goals.

This method emphasises organisations that are endeavouring to be environmentally and socially responsible, but still ensures that your portfolio has representation in each industry, so you don’t compromise financial sustainability.

We then advise upon a framework that takes environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance into account. This focuses on investing your funds in companies within every industry available, with a graduation or favour towards companies which operate more effectively from an environmental perspective. Social responsibility and corporate governance is also taken into consideration.

Creating a more sustainable future.

The flow on from this investment method is that companies trying to improve their practices will flourish, as the collective market will support those companies employing sound ESG practices. Other companies will recognise the advantages in employing these methods and will have no commercial choice than to follow suit.

Investing in this manner allows you to achieve your financial goals, while also taking into account environmental, social, and corporate governance practices when investing, and continuing to do your part towards a more sustainable future.

At Stephan Independent Advisory, we work with you to ensure you’re able to invest the way you want, without compromising your family’s ‘financial sustainability’.


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